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The Makhloga’s have related themselves to have connection with Pundir’s and other equivalent caste descendents of King Pundarik of Suryavansh then living in Pingaldesh (Maharastra), Punjab and Mayapur area perhaps Pundarpur in Maharastra got this name for above reasons only.

 The Pundurpur, there stands a massive temple and herein flows a river by the name of Pingla. Perhaps , for this reason alone, the area around it is called or identified as Pingal. History too bears testimony to the strong belief of the older people in this connection. The Pundir’s ruled over a big chunk of a land of Tailang Pradesh (Telangana). And name of the following kings were familiar

1.     Brahmdev

2.     Kapildev

3.     Sumantraj

4.     Bheemdev

5.     Kewalraj

Later on, when King Mandhokhardev of this dynasty once visited Kurukshetra, the King of Sindh gave his daughter for marriage to him along with “Kainthal” area. Thus the king of Tailang added up another area to his kingdom due to his alliance with “Kainthal”.

Tailang had yet another King Bansdhar who in 602 raised the city of Pundarik here and made it as his capital. In the Karnal region he setup Pundari, Dabdi, Churna etc as his Fort’s & Cities. He set up more forts in Thaneshwar which is nearer to Kurukshetra & also developed this region. Over the years, the Pundir King got  the opportunity to cross over the Yamuna only to approach  a vast region  having 1440 villages which he seized under his control . It helped him to gain control over the region falling between Yamuna & Ganga. And choosing Mayapur as his Capital.

 In ancient Mayapur which is now known as “Haridwar” which is one of the Hindu’s seven Puri’s. This religious region had the become advanced due to developmental work carried out, in addition to Mayapur having been seat of the capital. The King had erected a massive fort here (Mayapur) which got destructed over the long passage of time, but its original space, had been converted by the Naga saints into a large fort for use of their Cult



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