One of the patties in Tehri Garhwal where Makhloga’s have been living. They are associated with / related to the famous Pundir’s- its ascendants, subsequent ascendants are spread in northern part of India (U.P, Uttaranchal etc) since centuries back.


Of Suryavansh, King Lord Rama had two sons named LAVA and KUSHA, who were given separate kingdoms with LAVA ruling  over Lavpur (known as Lahore - now in Pakistan) and Kush ruling over Ayodhya. The origination of the Rajputs of the Kushwaha caste was out of this, who later become famous and known as Kushwahas.

In Kushwa dynasty following were  the kings down the line who ruled over the kingdom

Kusha  -  Athithi  -  Nishadh  -  Nav  - Pundarik – Kshemdhanva - Devaneek

and like wise, more kings of this dynasty had ruled over the kingdom of Kusha.

The Kshatriyas of this dynasty have pundirs as one of the famous caste who are said to be spread, over in Uttarpradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab etc.

And are popularly known by this name Pundir’s. They claim themselves direct descendents of King Pundarik of the Surya dynasty and are well known by other names of this caste in Southern India’s Tailang (Telangana).


Makhloga which is a caste born of the well known Pundirs, now prefer to write their caste as such, as they have abandoned writing their caste as Pundirs way back in 1408. Ever since then, they have been identifying themselves as “Makhloga”, and now widely known as such in district instead of Pundir’s.

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